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Overlord Albedo(wip2) by tetsuok9999 Overlord Albedo(wip2) :icontetsuok9999:tetsuok9999 862 13 Cosplay Cleavage Tutorial by pomp-berry Cosplay Cleavage Tutorial :iconpomp-berry:pomp-berry 5,668 1,247 Fertilization by Rogers1967 Fertilization :iconrogers1967:Rogers1967 10 5 Magi Magi Magician Gal by AnzuAngel Magi Magi Magician Gal :iconanzuangel:AnzuAngel 1,196 127
Pervert TG
I remember the day it all began clearly. It was a monday afternoon on the first day of a new school term. I had a free period so I did what I always did; sat in the corner of the common room with my two friends, eyeing up all of the hot girls that would walk by. All of us knew it was wrong, but we also said it was kind of a compliment to them because it showed we thought they were pretty.
However, on this day my friends weren't there, both still on family holidays from the preceding week off school. I was gonna have to go it alone, for today at least.
I tried to be subtle seeing as I wasn't surrounded by my friends. So I peeked over one of my magazines hoping that they wouldn't notice me staring at them and their beautiful breasts. I remained unnoticed as many girls passed by, it was all going well.
Then someone walked in that i'll never forget. She must have been new here because I'd never seen her before. She was incredible. Swaying, long, brown hair; perfect sized ass; slim, hourgla
:iconthisisboring43:thisisboring43 807 68
The Adventures of Lesbeon and Dialgirl
Special Prologue Chapter:
Hi, there. My name is Leslie, and I come from a family of witches, apparently. It kinda surprised me when I found that out.
Oh, but that's not what's important. No, what matters right now is that I'm a Glaceon. Now, I know you probably expect a Glaceon to be a cute little animal that can only say its own name, but through my magical studies I've learned of worlds where the peoples of my world are mere animals that coexist with something called "humans", which are basically like versions of us in this world, only without special abilities, and other worlds where we exist only as fictional characters. I'm only mentioning this so it's clear I'm what you might call "humanoid", as are all… "Pokémon" I think was the term.
In fact, aside from names and abilities, the only other thing you might correctly know about my world is some location names. Those seem to be universal. I'm from, and currently in, the Sinnoh region, which is in roughly the same location
:iconsergeantgrif:SergeantGrif 51 23
First Time Drinker
Kenny always wondered what the joys of drinking were like. He was 17 and his parents would always have parties and invite friends over and drink in front of him. Mind you that he knew what getting drunk meant but he just didn't give a crap. All he knew was they made the stuff look good as hell. The way they blended it and mixed it or how it looked on ice. His mouth would become dry thinking about it so one night he had to try some for himself...
"Kenny, we'll be back tomorrow morning. So, no drinking our alcohol and no wild parties alright?" Kenny's mom told him before leaving out with Kenny giving a quick nod.
Kenny made sure they're car was around the corner and out of sight before making his move.
"Heh, heh, heh, now to put my plan into action. Finally, it will be mine!" Kenny let out an evil laugh before coughing. "Woah... Needs work." He joked with himself.
Kenny looked in their liquor cabinet and saw an arrangement of any kind of beer, or alcohol you could find. They had it. He l
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 185 125
Bully tg Chapter 2 (story)
David took a deep breath and stepped onto the bus.  This was the third bus he had gotten on since leaving that afternoon, but this one was different because it would be a six hour ride all the way through the night.  He was a little nervous from leaving home, but David knew he couldn't be around Karl now that he was a girl or else he would probably do something he would regret.  It was bad enough to be attracted to your own sibling, but it was worse that his personality completely changed.  It was almost like Karl died and he was replaced by another person.
David thought back to their hiking trip and that strange cave that they found.  The crystal that exploded in his face must have been the cause for the transformation, but it confused him why it affected Karl and not him.  He planned to go back to the cave later on to see if he could find any clues, but for now, he just wanted to get away from home to think things over and r
:iconthextra89:TheXtra89 184 37
Summer Days 3 (Another Town)
"Hmph... Another hot day today," A young boy with brown hair said staring out his room from the second floor.  "Man it looks like if I step one foot out their i'll fry in an instant."
It was summer and the part of it that Alex hated of it. All his friends were out of town for the week-end, He had nothing to do, and his parents left him the house for the week-end. Sure he could have played games but he would just tire of them after a bit. So he pondered some ideas for a bit.
"Hmmm, what to do..." He repeated to himself. He sighed. "I got nothing."
Just then Alex received a text from his friend Will. Will lived a few towns over from him and was Alex's best friend when he still lived there. He was happy and quickly opened it to see what his friend had to text about.
"Hey there Alex... If your bored just head to the beach and jump in the water... It'll cool you down... See ya..." It ended there giving him his idea.
"Ahhh Will, what a good idea." Alex said throw
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 200 29
Bully tg Chapter 1 (story)
Karl adjusted his hat as he waited for his brother to catch up. Every summer, Karl and his younger brother, David, went on a camping trip.  Sadly, this would be the last trip they would do together, since Karl had just graduated and he was moving out to go to college.  This was a four day trip.  Karl finally saw his brother making his way up the trail.
David was two years younger than Karl at the age of 16.  He was skinny and preferred to reading and video games to sports.  On the other hand, Karl was well built and loved sports.  Even though the brothers were completely opposite, they got along really well.  They helped each other out where the other was lacking.  Even though David wouldn't normally like camping, he always looked forward for their yearly trip.
"What took you so long? I was getting ready to leave you behind," Karl yelled as David came closer.
"Shut up.  I'm only a little slower than you," David responded.
"Whatever you say.  Anyway, we're almost there.  Let's make it u
:iconthextra89:TheXtra89 335 30
Kalin TG
I didn't immediately respond to the high-pitched, exuberantly-uttered "Hiyas there!" in the middle of the dorm lobby. I figured it was one of the girls who lived down the hall greeting another girl.
But I heard it again.
"Hiiiiiyaaaa…cantcha see me?"
I frowned a little and started to turn my head. I jerked back in surprise at a girl's smiling face staring at me point blank. Her smile deepened. She gave me a swift wave and asked, "Canya see me now?"
I sure could. And I was stunned.
I had to blink a few times before I could even think about what I was seeing. Before me was the most beautiful girl I could imagine. And I'd imagined quite a few with all the anime girls I drew for fun.
This girl had so many details from my favorite imaginings. Her hair was long, bright red, and vibrant. But not too long. Her eyes were a dusty, cat-like amber color. And so large. All-enveloping. She wore a gorgeous dress. It was frilly everywhere. It looked like something I'd seen before, bu
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 148 114
Mature content
Fantasma :icontg-timmy:TG-Timmy 102 18
Mature content
Rough Night.Part.2. :icontownlife:townlife 5 1
Mature content
Rough Night .Part.1. :icontownlife:townlife 11 2
Mature content
A New Life....Part.5.....Tg. :icontownlife:townlife 5 10
Mature content
A New Life. Part .1. :icontownlife:townlife 8 4


I've decided to give up on waiting to get my pc back after moving. So now i'm spending my time on the pcs at the local free library. Unfortunatly they don't have scanners so I can't post newer art :( But anyway I'm trying to get a new cycle of job>money>pc/art supplies but I can't seem to get that first part of the loop to start. Oh well, I'll talk to y'all later.


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